Nowadays osteopathy is fairly called the medicine of the 21 century.

Reading articles of this section you’ll learn that…

  • … this method is more than 130 years old, in America, Europe, the Near East and Russia osteopathy has been recognized by patients and official medicine long time ago.
  • … osteopathy and manual therapy is not the same thing, as well as osteopathy and extrasensory methods of influence.
  • … for diagnostics and treatment doctor-osteopath doesn’t need any other additional instruments, apparatuses or medicaments except his hands.

… and many other interesting facts about osteopathy.

We will help you to sort out what osteopathy is, its history, schools, when and why one should visit osteopath, how osteopath diagnoses and cures, indications and contraindications for osteopathic treatment, advantages of osteopathy.

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