With each year more and more people turn to alternative methods of treatment for some reason or other. Searching for alternative, patients face the necessity of choice between big quantities of Medical Centres, which offer a large range of services: manual therapy, reflexotherapy, Eastern techniques, herbal therapy, homeopathy, etc.


What singles us out among other worthy private clinics?

1. High level of diagnostics and treatment is ensured by doctor of osteopathy Sergey Granenko’s deep knowledge, by his thorough long-term education in area of orthodox medicine (experienced orthopaedist-traumatologist) as well as in area of osteopathy. Great number of certificates proves his participation in international specialized courses and seminars on osteopathy, which makes it possible for a doctor to be always well informed about the latest developments and achievements in the area of osteopathy.

2. We have gained a huge experience for 12 years of practising osteopathy. Only everyday use of knowledge on practice makes it possible for us to have a deep knowledge of the subject and to raise a level of proficiency constantly, hence a level of doing our patients a service.

3. From the moment of its foundation more than 10000 of people got treatment in the Centre. This quantity of patients is an indicator of trust to us and to justify it we don’t stop on already achieved things, we are developing, growing and improving our skills with a view to reach the highest level of quality of treatment.

4. System approach in osteopathic diagnostics and treatment assures maximum conveniences for our patients. You don’t need to race visiting numerous doctors’ consulting rooms and highly tailored specialists, who can take care of one certain organ or system only: osteopath is obliged to know anatomy and physiology of the whole human body as a single organism. Osteopath cures functional disorders of the whole body, not its separate parts.

5. Individual approach of treatment: for every patient of ours doctor chooses the most suitable frequency and duration of sessions with a view to achieve maximum effectiveness of treatment. And all this is possible in our Centre.

6. Not a treatment for the sake of treatment is important for us, but achieving of a true health by you, maintenance of balance and stability to unfavourable external factors. When our patients gain joy of life again we are happy together with them! Healthy patient is a grateful patient!

7. We are next to you! No need to go and search for expensive specialists in America, Europe, Israel or even Russia! Right here, in Ukraine, in Odessa, at the Osteopathic Medical Centre “DOCTOR GRAN” you’ll get highly qualified professional help of a doctor-osteopath according to the newest osteopathic methods of America and Europe!

8. Osteopathy is a recognized area of medicine in the whole civilized world, which is based on fundamental knowledge of classical medicine and special osteopathic knowledge. The Osteopathic Medical Centre “DOCTOR GRAN” has all the needed documents that prove legality of its osteopathic practice. Entrusting the Osteopathic Medical Centre “DOCTOR GRAN” with your health you can be absolutely sure in a quality and high expert level of the medical services you get.

9. We develop osteopathy in Ukraine. In the West osteopathy has already passed a period of prohibition and insurance non-compensation. In USA and England osteopathy has passed stages of official recognition long ago. Recently in France it got official recognition too. In Russia osteopathy was approved as a method by public health ministry. In Ukraine osteopathy is still treated as a method of folk and non-traditional medicine. The Osteopathic Medical Centre “DOCTOR GRAN” takes active stand in popularisation of osteopathy in Ukraine and recognition of it as a science and effective treatment and diagnostic method not among patients only but among doctors – representatives of official classical medicine, medics of different level and specialisation. It’s not an easy task but we hope to perform it with dignity and as fast as we can!

Choice is yours!