Works with locomotor system: bones, muscles, ligaments. With the help of this method disorders that cause back pain are eliminated, stimulation of mental and physical activity happens, organism steadiness to stress raises. Structural osteopathy strengthens immune system, removes chronic fatigue syndrome.

Visceral osteopathy

Works with internal organs, normalizes functioning of liver and intestine, and improves digestion and metabolism. This method is used when there are disorders of gastrointestinal tract, helps to eliminate gynaecological problems, cures chronic disorders of genitor-urinary system, is used to prevent varix dilatation, etc.

Cranial osteopathy

Osteopathic method of cranial therapy is a work with bones of skull. If those structures are constantly in a strained state they start to cause pain which medicines often can’t relieve from. The method of cranial osteopathy weakens those structures and saves a person from pain. Doctor-osteopath is able to restore symmetry of skull, i.e. head, and to eliminate a headache, and also to solve a number of problems with the help of cranial osteopathy. Few people know that bones of skull even of an adult person have mobility, due to which it’s possible to use different medicinal cranial methods.

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is methods of work with an axial structure “sacrum-skull”, essential axis of a human body. Craniosacral methods are aimed at diagnostics and elimination of malfunctions of this system, which have an influence on all functions of the body. Progressive, painless methods of correction in posture and elimination of pain in a spine, joints are used; headache is removed. Craniosacral therapy is a rather young school of osteopathy which arose in the middle of 70s of XX century in America and by present moment gained quite firm positions in the West system of alternative methods of treatment. Founder of CST is doctor John E. Upledger (USA). Sergey Granenko had the luck to study from doctor Upledger, having completed all the cycles right up to teaching CST.