Diagnostics and treatment in osteopathy are carried out by doctor’s hands. The hands of osteopath are extremely delicate and sensitive, versatile instrument that was created by the nature in itself. Special sensitivity of hands is gained by doctor-osteopath with the help of persistent trainings and allows doctor to detect the smallest, hardly noticeable disorders in patient’s body. It allows doctor to reveal and, therefore, to prevent developing of a disease in its very beginning, often at a stage that even the most modern equipment can’t detect.

Healthy organs and tissues have their own defined mobility, shape, density and temperature. With the help of sensitive fingers osteopath “reads” data about their condition, detects every change, physiological and functional disorders in patient’s body.

Osteopathic diagnostics is absolutely painless. Osteopath forms “phantom” of patient’s organism body. “Assembling” his/her body like a huge multidimensional mosaic osteopath restores free flowing of a healing energy that has been blocked for a long time.

After the session patient feels surge of energy and good mood, tension and tiredness leave. Osteopath chooses an individual scheme of treatment for every single patient.

Course of treatment is usually 3-6 sessions which are carried out once per 7-10 days approximately, since after the session body needs time to adapt to its new condition and to “complete adjustment” of all the systems when inner mechanisms of self-regulation turn on. Sessions can be carried out more often if patient is in a too difficult condition.

Duration of the session varies from 5 to 60 minutes, since it depends on individual reaction of a body on treatment, sometimes “the answer” can be got on the fifth minute of treatment, and sometimes an hour is not enough and osteopath has to work hard to gain needed reaction of a body. The main thing for doctor and patient is not a quantity of spent time but the quality of conducted treatment and its effectiveness!

While working with little kids (if they are awake) session consists of alternate periods of active osteopath’s work (5-10-15 minutes), when a child allows to cure him/her and pauses during which a child rests from “work”, moves, communicates, plays. If it’s an especially restless child it is necessary to find literally seconds to conduct correction of the osteopathic disorders. Conducting of the session with a little child is the most favourable and efficient when the child is sleeping.

Apart from an osteopathic treatment, individual complex of exercises and recommendations for nutrition and patient’s lifestyle are chosen. Harmful external influences are corrected too: wrongly chosen pillow or mattress can cause a disease.

Osteopath is a surgeon who operates without knife, by hands only; doctor achieves a result making manipulations on a bone or an organ and makes it in a gentle and painless way. That’s why osteopathy is called bloodless surgery in the West today.