Are you a business person? Then your motto is “I have no time for being ill”. It’s an impermissible luxury for you. Moreover you don’t have time for visiting doctors all the time. You have only 24 hours a day and sometimes it is not enough for you to do everything you planned in time! If you had 48 hours a day it wouldn’t be enough too…

High level of constant stress and pressure, responsibility for taken decisions, anxiety for career growth and for your business which was so hard to create, eating fast food, overuse of cigarettes and caffeine, lack of full-fledged rest, sitting at your computer for long periods of time, intensive visual loads, exhausting diets and sports loads at fitness clubs, being ill without medical attention and bed rest, and postponement of taking care of your health to “later”… - such an approach has a destructive effect on your body, and illnesses that seemed small and futile develop into chronic diseases

  • stresses, neuroses, depressions
  • sleep disorders, insomnias
  • memory problems
  • concentration of attention decrease
  • eye sight worsening
  • chronic gastrointestinal tract diseases
  • spine problems, osteochondrosis
  • neck, back, wrist and joint pain
  • blood pressure problems, vegetative-vascular dystonia
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • sexual disorders
  • chronic bronchitis
  • weight regulation problems
  • headaches, migraines

You don’t have time for visiting numerous doctors and additional examinations?

There is a way out!

Osteopathic diagnostics and treatment is the best practical choice of a modern businessman. Trusting your health to the Osteopathic Medical Centre “Doctor Gran” you take a practical decision, since our quality-time-price ratio is optimum.

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