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Welcome to the site of The Osteopathic Medical Centre “DOCTOR GRAN”!

The Osteopathic Medical Centre “DOCTOR GRAN” was founded in Odessa in 2002. Areas of work of the Centre are osteopathic diagnostics and treatment of children and adults, teaching methods of osteopathy and craniosacral therapy.

Osteopathy has been already known in USA, Europe, Israel and Russia for a long time. In Ukraine, in Odessa osteopathy is yet a young, promising and developing school and we are proud that The Osteopathic Medical Centre “DOCTOR GRAN” is at the very origins of formation of this interesting and unique by its effectiveness science and methods in our country.

From the moment of foundation of the Centre more than 10000 patients have undergone a course of treatment. Founder and the leader of the Centre is Sergey Granenko (MD, DO), doctor-osteopath of such a level of proficiency and experience that such people are few and far between in Ukraine at present.

Why osteopathy? Why DOCTOR GRAN?

With each year more and more people turn to alternative methods of treatment for some reason or other. Searching for alternative, patients face the necessity of choice between big quantities of Medical Centres, which offer a large range of services: manual therapy, reflexotherapy, Eastern techniques, herbal therapy, homeopathy, etc. Today osteopathy, which is a new diagnostic and treatment method for Ukraine, rouse more interest and trust of patients. If this is your first acquaintance with osteopathy, you may have quite reasonable questions:

Articles of section “Osteopathy” will help you to sort it out: what osteopathy is, its history, schools, when and why you should consult an osteopath, how osteopath diagnoses and treats, what indications and contraindications of osteopathic treatment are, advantages of osteopathy.

What singles us out among other worthy private clinics? Read our answer in section “9 reasons to choose us”.